Jay Jenkins

Sometimes, you will not know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.

Jay joined our team as a Project Manager in March 2023. His role includes providing project oversight, budgeting, and implementing cost controls to ensure the project stays within the set budget. He works closely with the estimating team to ensure smooth project turnovers.

One of Jay’s key responsibilities is to hire and manage subcontractors and vendors for the project. He is involved in the selection process and ensures that the subcontractors and vendors meet the project requirements and deadlines.

Additionally, Jay maintains key relationships with project clients, construction managers, design teams, and architects. He collaborates with these stakeholders to ensure all parties are aligned and working towards the project’s success. His strong communication skills are vital in maintaining these relationships and ensuring that information flows smoothly throughout the project.

Jay enjoys spending time with his family, neighbors, and friends outside of work. He particularly enjoys watching his son’s soccer and lacrosse games, which will end soon. He also enjoys outdoor activities such as boating and spending time at the beach.