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DC Convention Center Escalators

DC Convention Center Escalators

Multi-Family & Special Projects

Washington, DC

Events DC

Contract Value:
$4.6 Million

8 Months

  • Design/build escalator addition in largest convention facility in DC
  • Installation of 4 new escalators adjacent to existing escalators at 4 separate locations
  • Included renovation of existing interior public space
  • Partial demolition/replacement of two granite stairways and demolition of architectural walls
  • Construction of new escalator pits
  • Reinforcement of the pod floor structure by inserting a 30-ton steel truss beam
  • Modifications to existing glass guardrail systems
  • Installation of monitoring panel in Engineering Command Center
  • Job complexities included matching of existing escalator equipment, stone, glass rail, and other architectural features which had been installed 10 years prior