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What Is Fast-Track Construction?

What Is Fast-Track Construction?


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Fast-track construction is a project delivery strategy where some parts of construction can begin before the design is completed. It allows different portions of the project to be done simultaneously at different stages of completeness.

Instead of waiting for the entire design to be done before starting, managers schedule certain elements to be built while the design of the rest of the project is still being worked on. For example, a building’s foundation is often determined early enough for that part to be started before the rest of the building is designed. Multiple parts can also be constructed simultaneously as part of fast-track construction.

The overall goal of fast-track construction is to shorten the time frame and reduce costs. These are great benefits that many businesses are searching for. However, fast-track construction is a specialized strategy that should only be done by experienced contractors who know how to avoid potential issues.


Benefits of fast-track construction projects

Benefits of Fast-Track Construction Projects

Fast-track construction is an appealing strategy that can potentially shorten project times while lowering costs. When you use a reputable construction company, your project can also maintain premium quality. This means your project will be completed faster and more affordably, but not at the cost of quality. Fast-tracking projects are a great way to meet your financial goals.

1. Accelerated Project Delivery

Fast-track construction allows different parts of the project to run concurrently, even before the whole design is completed. Certain parts can be done simultaneously, in parallel rather than in order. While this can strain resources, an accelerated project schedule can greatly benefit.

There are many cases where the length of the project is incredibly important. A shortened construction schedule can reduce the time to market and meet needs sooner. It can solve bookings for high-demand markets sooner or simply increase the return on investment (ROI) quicker. Getting the job done faster can help your bottom line.

2. Decreased Construction Costs

Because of the accelerated timeframe, fast-track construction also decreases construction costs. Less time is spent on the build, so the labor costs can be lower. For large projects, shorter construction schedules can also reduce the impact of inflation and rising costs in the market.

An expedited project also allows you to use the space sooner. This means the project’s purpose can be fulfilled sooner and start to accrue income for you. Instead of having a building littered with construction materials for a long time, you’ll be able to start earning revenue faster.


The Importance of Hiring a Fast-Track General Contractor

While the benefits of fast-track construction are clear, there can be problems. These projects must be planned carefully and executed perfectly, which is why an experienced contracting firm is necessary. Projects can have setbacks, which will cause the project to take longer and cost more than expected. Many companies choose a fast-track schedule with a qualified general contractor to avoid costly delays.

1. Unplanned Changes

There are risks to fast-tracking projects. The speed of the construction means there’s less time between phases to discover and solve problems. Sometimes, change orders will have to be put in to make everything work. Working with a contractor who can problem-solve quickly and efficiently will limit the unpredicted extra time or cost creep.

Unplanned changes can also lead to coordination issues if part of the project has a setback. If one part of the process interferes with another, there will be extra problems. An experienced project manager can minimize these issues by planning thoughtfully.

2. Coordination and Congestion

Fast-track construction projects require more planning and coordination than traditional ones. Different parts of the project will be happening simultaneously, so there are extra factors to consider. There will be multiple teams onsite, so things such as storage space and working areas can become issues. Areas may become congested, and workspaces can become cluttered.

Congested areas or cluttered workspaces can lead to efficiency problems and accidents. Teams and spaces need to be coordinated. The use of project management technology, like Procure, will help to carefully plan the location and duration of each team while maximizing communications between all the sub-contractors and the owner’s team.

3. Accidents

Accident risks increase when unplanned modifications to the schedule and congestion problems occur. Different crews may work in separate areas or floors, meaning there could be drop hazards or other risks. Managers and teams must communicate well so that risks are mitigated, and everyone can perform safely. Safety is always a top priority.

The Fast-Track Construction Process

Fast-track construction requires adequate planning and spot-on execution to avoid problems. The three C’s – communication, cooperation, and coordination – are essential in ensuring the project goes smoothly.

Inexperienced contracting firms may not have the experience to schedule a fast-track project that stays efficient and problem-free. Fast-track project and construction managers must be fluent in scheduling the project in the most efficient way, including which tasks should be done first, which sub-contractors can work simultaneously, and which parts must be done later.

Fast-track scheduling varies by project, so there isn’t one set process to follow. That’s why you need an experienced, fast-track general contractor that can manage the project from start to finish. HR Construction Group has over 20 years of fast-track construction experience to help with your renovation project.

choose HR Construction Group to start bringing your vision to reality

Choose HR Construction Group for Your Fast Track Construction Project

HR Construction Group is a fast-track general contractor that has completed projects across the United States. We manage the entire fast-track project for you, from decision-making to construction. We can deliver quality and dependable service. When you choose us, we’ll figure out the best way to approach fast-track construction in a way that meets all your needs and requirements with full transparency.

We embrace challenging projects that many other construction companies may reject. No matter your specifications, we’re committed to working with you to achieve your objectives. Ask us about fast-tracking to learn more about how it can help your project come to life.

HR Construction Group will do whatever it takes to ensure you’re satisfied with the work. Learn more about our expertise, and reach out to us today to start bringing your vision to reality.

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