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HR Construction Group Goes Solar

HR Construction Group Goes Solar


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In August of 2019, HR Construction Group went solar to build a more sustainable future. Learn more below.

Building a Sustainable Future at Humphrey Rich Construction Group, Inc


As a construction company with an impressive portfolio of high-end hospitality projects, HR Construction Group prides itself on its expertise and commitment to excellence; so when they decided to do their part as a business to reduce their carbon footprint, they looked for a seasoned solar company that could deliver on an energy solution.

Aurora Energy’s Solution

Along with HR Construction Group’s team, Aurora Energy designed a 160.36 kW rooftop solar array utilizing Jinko Eagle Perc modules with SolarEdge optimizers and inverters that would offset the building’s energy needs.

Customer’s Results

The system will save the company more than $560,000 over the life of the system, an added benefit to their zero-carbon objective. By preventing over 3,600 metric tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere over the next 25 years with their rooftop array, their carbon footprint will be virtually zero. Sustainable building. Sustainable future.

Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator

Aurora Energy Solar Provider


solar panel icon 160.36 kW

System Size

sun icon 209.93 MWh

Annual Generation

green energy icon


Estimated First-Year Savings on Electricity

cash in hand icon


Estimated Savings over System Lifetime

trees icon 173 acres of forest

Annual Carbon Sequestration Equivalent

factory icon 160,676 Pounds of Coal

Not Burned Annually

Our Solar Panel Installation Process

HR Construction building roof before solar panels
Preparation of roof for Solar Panel Installation
Solar panel roof progress on HR Construction building
Solar Panel Installation begins
Solar panels on HR Construction building
Additional Solar Panels are Installed
Solar panel roof project completed
Solar panels installation complete; HR Construction office now runs on a 160.36 kW rooftop solar array system reducing its carbon footprint to virtually 0 over the next 25-years


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