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Important Factors for a Successful Construction Project

Important Factors for a Successful Construction Project


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Committing to a big-time construction or renovation project can put a lot on your mind. You may know your business needs an upgrade, but at the same time, you may be wondering whether it’s worth it. How do you ensure your construction project will go smoothly?

Start by choosing a successful construction general contractor who you can trust. At HR Construction Group, our team members have learned what it takes to manage a

construction project successfully. Our knowledge and experience help us properly see a project from start to finish while keeping you fully up to date and as stress-free as possible. See what it takes to ensure a successful construction project below.


Communicating Well Between Workers and Customers

You must ensure the contractor will openly communicate with their clients. The first step of good communication starts with negotiating a clearly worded contract. During talks for outlining the contract, the client needs to indicate exactly what they want. However, the contract also indicates requirements for both sides. It establishes expectations for both the general contractor and their client. Plus, it clearly lists the obligations, risks, and agreements.

Communications between building owners and the contractors also ensures that work occurs at the least disruptive times and in a manner that works with the business’s needs. For example, if an unexpected event requires a sudden change of schedule, open communication ensures both workers and clients can readily adapt to the required changes.

Open communication ensures problems receive the prompt addressing they need to keep clients happy and reduces change orders on the project. Our team at HR Construction Group regularly checks in with our clients to ensure they remain satisfied with our work and the work of our subcontractors. This is only one way that we put our customers first.


Formulating a Well-Thought-Out Plan

The planning phase for renovations, remodels, or construction projects are one of the most important steps in ensuring success. Without knowing exactly what you want before work begins, you cannot determine if you had your needs met after the project ended. Therefore, take as much time as you need to create your plan for your construction project expectations.

When it comes to planning, use several methods to ensure the design and options work for you and the construction company. Your strategy should have three main attributes — the budget, design, and schedule:

1. Project Budget

For your business, the budget will be a critical method of choosing the right construction contractors for the work. Create a firm budget based on independent cost estimates for the work. By knowing how much contractors would normally charge for the job you want to have done, you can reduce surprises in final bids and cost overruns during construction.

Use a percentage of your budget as a metric for bids that are too high or low. For instance, you don’t want to spend more than 20% of your budgeted amount for the project. Take in bids from various contractors. If none cost less than 120% of the budgeted amount, you should return the project to the design phase to see what you can delete or change to reduce the construction team’s costs.

Another way to accommodate your budget into the bidding process is to use alternatives that you can add or delete based on the bids for the work. For instance, if bids come in too low, you may choose to add items to enhance the project. However, for bids that are too high, you may delete some nonessential items to reduce the total cost without returning to the design phase.

2. Construction Design

The design phase is also crucial to your project. Designers must consider if you need to adapt to historic preservation or maintain a theme or style for your space. Plus, you must account for how well the construction team can accomplish the task.

One way to ensure your design is both practical and adaptable is to have an independent designer or engineer review it. Doing so can help you avoid going over budget or experiencing unanticipated problems.

3. Work Schedule

Lastly, the work schedule should be a part of your plan. To prevent problems, avoid creating too short of a timeline for the work. Work with the construction contractor to find a time to minimize disruptions to your business and maximize their efficiency. Remember to provide site access to the contractors doing the work at your location to avoid project delays, especially if they will work after hours.


Paying Attention to Detail

Look for a contractor who will pay careful attention to details. Indications of such a construction provider include a resume that involves tasks like performing updates to historic properties, using optimal safety measures, working successfully on difficult renovations, and providing property improvements for years.

HR Construction Group meets these parameters, explaining why so many companies trust us for our work and become a returning client. We put our clients first in every aspect of our work, including paying careful attention to detail. We’ll also take the most difficult renovation projects that others won’t because we use precision and care.

Being Upfront About Cost

To ensure the construction project remains within your budget and does not have overruns, you need a company that will offer upfront, low-risk estimations.

Our low-risk estimation minimizes change orders to projects. We start with creating detailed control estimates for our competitive bids. These estimates allow for changes as the design process finalizes. The control estimates increase the scope of line-item budgets to reduce surprises and maximize accuracy.

Limiting Disturbance

A major consideration, especially for the hospitality industry, is choosing a company that will respect your business’s operations. Therefore, if you must have construction done during operating hours, the company will do everything possible to minimize disturbance to you and your guests or customers.

For sites such as hotels or restaurants, the guest experience is vital to the business. Therefore, you must choose a construction company that understands that need.

Our teams from HR Construction Group minimize all disturbances as much as we reasonably can. After having helped more than 50 hotel brands and various other businesses with their projects, we’ve fine-tuned our methods of completing our work well while reducing the impact on clients and guests. Some measures we use to accomplish this include the following:

– Working during off-peak hours.
– Accelerating our schedule to finish faster.
– Using a block schedule for hotel work.
– Keeping regular communications with the business.
– Embodying flexibility in our operations.

Enjoy Successful Construction Project Management With a General Contractor You Can Trust

Whatever your commercial business may be, whether it’s in the hospitality, multifamily, retail, tenant space, or restaurant business, we will bring it to life with new construction or a fresh renovation. No more worrying about how the project will go or whether it’s worth it. Our team will effectively communicate with everyone involved and ensure the project causes as little disturbance as possible to your guests or customers.

Your newly designed space will give you the upgrade you need to bring in more people and give them an enjoyable experience worth repeating. Fill out our contact form to start working with us today!


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