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Florida General Contractor Services

Whether you own a hotel on Miami Beach or manage a spa at the Ritz-Carlton in Sarasota, you will require renovations or upgrades at some point in time. These allow you to add value to your property and enhance its function while maintaining brand standards. As a full-service general contractor, HR Construction Group offers general contracting services across Florida. Our nationwide business also serves clients throughout the United States.

Why You Might Hire a Professional General Contractor

While you can make small changes or replacements independently, a general contractor allows you to make extensive improvements on a property. They can work with multiple rooms or other areas while maintaining an interconnected design. Here are a few benefits of hiring a contractor:

  • Licensing: General contractors hold proper protection and insurance in case of damage or mistakes during a renovation.
  • Organization: General contractors handle every aspect of the project, including hiring skilled subcontractors to complete the work, ordering all materials, and ensuring your project is on schedule.
  • Efficiency: A general contractor with experience can streamline the building process, from getting materials to hiring labor for faster completion.
  • Quality: A dedicated general contractor pays attention to every detail for a result that meets the highest standards.


The Boca Raton

The Services HR Construction Group Provides

As a licensed full-service general contractor for commercial properties, we provide efficient building services. We work across Florida on rural, urban, and suburban properties. Our contracting expertise includes hospitality spaces, historic buildings, multifamily units, and restaurants. We focus on the details to accomplish even the most complex client work. Here are a few of our areas of expertise in more detail:

  • Renovations: Modernize a space, implement a property improvement plan (PIP), convert to another brand, or enhance your company’s brand identity with guidance from our team.
  • Design-build: This service unifies the design firm and general contractor as one team to work together to meet their mutual client’s schedule and budget.
  • Value engineering: We do low-risk estimations that provide accurate expenses and ensure you get high quality for the contract value.
  • Super-subcontracting: We work as a subcontractor to the prime general contractor on tasks outside the prime contractor’s scope and hire subcontractors to complete your project.

We bring together expert staff and trusted subcontractors to execute your vision for a hotel or other commercial property.

Benefits of Working With Us

At HR Construction Group, we specialize in bringing older buildings forward in time while providing minimal disturbances. We complete work while allowing your normal operations to continue. We complete projects quickly while maintaining high standards for quality. Our work covers more than hotel guest rooms. We also work on more intricate public spaces like lobbies, restaurants, meeting rooms, and ballrooms.

Through past projects in Florida, we have gained extensive expertise in building for this state — we meet unique requirements like abiding by hurricane building codes. We have completed almost 800 projects nationwide since our company began in 2002. Our past work in Florida includes guest room and lobby renovations on The Tower in Boca Raton. We also worked on 350 guest rooms in the Residence Inn at SeaWorld. Our 2024 Florida projects include a full brand conversion in Key West, a high-end spa renovation in Sarasota, a large guest room renovation in Orlando, and more.


Contact Us to Get Started

HR Construction Group provides individualized attention through our contracting services in Florida. We listen to your needs and requirements for a result that meets your expectations while maintaining your budget and timeline. Reach out to us online to learn more about working with us or request a proposal.

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