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Advantages to Renovating During a Pandemic

Advantages to Renovating During a Pandemic


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The COVID-19 pandemic put many construction projects on hold, especially if there were plans to renovate. Though many business owners and hoteliers may be hesitant to start a construction project during uncertain times, remodeling a hotel, restaurant, retail, or public space during a pandemic can be an excellent use of the days when the facility is closed or at low capacity. Explore some of the reasons you should renovate your property during this time:

– Maintain the flow of your business
– Get your project done on time
– Stay ahead of the competition
– Save money on the overall project


1. Minimize Disturbances

Hotels and restaurants may have to function at a limited capacity during the pandemic to protect the health of their guests and employees. When you have fewer people in your building, you can renovate while continuing to get work done. Remodeling during a pandemic minimizes disturbances for:

– Your guests: Customers who visit your restaurant, hotel, or retail facility expect a peaceful, entertaining environment. The thought of completing a construction project during regular business hours might raise concerns about your guests’ experience at your location. Your venue may even be open all day, creating difficulties in finding the right time to renovate. As your facility remains closed or at a limited capacity, you can remodel your whole space while maintaining a pleasant experience for your guests when you open up again.

– Your business: As a hotel, restaurant, or retail manager, you want to focus on your guests and daily tasks instead of navigating the details of a construction project. While your business is closed or operating with a limited capacity, you may have some downtime to renovate. Instead of splitting your attention, you can take time to look at what you want to change about your facility. When your facility is ready for business again, you can maintain your daily workflow in a clean, updated environment.

– Your employees: A renovated space creates a motivating atmosphere for your employees. Construction may create some retail, hotel, and restaurant staff challenges as they travel throughout your space to meet customers’ needs. While they take a break from working in your commercial space, you can remodel their work area without disturbing them. This can give them a fun incentive to return to work and see the updated facility.

The professionals at HR Construction Group strive to accommodate your workflow as we tackle your renovation project. As a result, we minimize the interruptions to your guests, business, and employees, even during regular business hours.


2. Meet Your Timeline

Without pandemic conditions, you may have scheduled a construction project to get your site ready for a particular time of the year. Since most construction companies are still open, you can renovate your facility on time for when you open up again. A pandemic temporarily shutting down your business gives you more time to renovate by providing the following:

– More availability for contractors: Some businesses may have already thought about renovating but feel the need to put it on hold. Construction companies are still open, and now that they’re more available, they can fit you into their schedule to complete your remodeling project on time. Alternatively, you may face challenges finding a reliable contractor when businesses open up again and want to continue their renovations.

– More time to plan: Renovating your facility requires time to bring your vision to life. Rushing through plans usually leads to mistakes or compromises on items that matter to you. Since your facility is closed anyway, you can create time in your schedule to sit down and think about what you’d like to change about your restaurant, retail location, or hotel, so you can be satisfied with the overall project when it’s finished.

At HR Construction Group, we pride ourselves on our fast-tracked commercial work. As a restaurant renovation contractor, we can work quickly and efficiently to help make your commercial renovation a success so you can go back to work soon. We’re also flexible as we work within your schedule and accommodate your needs as a business.


3. Beat Out the Competition

Travel has already started to pick back up. Renovating during a pandemic can help you stand out against other businesses and hotels in your area because it allows you to:

– Remodel your space before everyone else: Complete your renovation before the market opens up, and other companies rush to hire contractors for the projects they’ve had on hold.

– Meet your guests’ needs: Continuing with your construction project during a pandemic can help you meet your customers’ needs instead of having to navigate the logistical challenges for project resources when your hotel or restaurant opens up again.

– Attract new customers: Renovating during a pandemic helps your business accommodate social distancing guidelines to protect your employees and guests. Potential guests can have peace of mind about your property when you show you care about their well-being by making these renovations while respecting health guidelines. You may even attract new customers to your location when they see construction taking place. They may be curious about what’s going on inside and want to see the finished project when your property opens up again.

Our staff at HR Construction Group stands out among other hotel and restaurant renovation general contractors. We can take on more complex or intricate projects with the expertise to complete them correctly. We enjoy the challenge and welcome the opportunity to remodel your facility, whether you have an older building or a modern commercial space.


4. Save Money

You can save money on the following items by renovating during a pandemic:

– Labor: Since business is typically slower during a pandemic, you might be able to get better labor rates from a hospitality construction contractor. These workers can complete your renovation project during regular business hours versus working weekends and off-hours. As a result, you can save money instead of paying them time and a half to work on weekends, and the job can be completed faster during normal business hours.

– Financial loans: You may need to borrow money to pay for your construction project. You can typically find better interest rates on loans you might need for the renovation during a pandemic.

When you work with us as your hospitality construction contractor, we’ll help you stay on budget and figure out where you can cut costs. We offer low-risk estimates after conducting a thorough inspection of your property. Our accurate quotes minimize risk and ensure we’re both in agreement about what your project will cost. Since we help you with your project from start to finish, you only need to hire us as your renovation contractor.


Contact Us to Renovate Your Commercial Property During a Pandemic

Renovating your property can help attract new customers and help your business follow new social distancing guidelines. You’ll be able to provide a pleasant environment for your customers if you renovate your commercial facility now instead of waiting for when you return to regular business hours. The team at HR Construction Group will remodel your space to achieve your project goals. Contact us online or call 301-330-1650 to schedule an estimate today.


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