Amy Montgomery, team member at HR Construction

Success is not THE destination, but rather a continual journey to stretch one`s goals while inspiring others to do the same

Amy Montgomery

With over 30 years of experience in business development, Amy has been working with the company since August 2020. Her previous relationship with HR Construction Group as a vendor led to her current role, which focuses on elevating the company’s presence and brand in the hospitality industry.

Amy’s primary responsibilities include driving the company’s go-to-market strategy in the hospitality, restaurant, multi-family, and retail markets. She strengthens relationships with key stakeholders and networks to bring in new clients through client-focused events. Amy also creates and updates sales processes and reporting, working closely with the Estimating and Project Management teams to develop long-term strategies for increasing company revenues.

Amy utilizes CRM and SEO tools to analyze and consolidate client data, helping the company make informed business decisions. She also supports strategic partnerships with third-party project management groups, owner’s representatives, construction and asset managers, and others to expand the company’s client base nationwide.

Outside of work, Amy enjoys running and training for races, gardening, and giving away vegetables, abstract painting, cooking creatively, listening to and dancing to music, golfing, playing Catan, and spending quality time with her family.